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    Issue 1, Volume I

    Beat the Summer heat!

    During times of dangerous summer heat, many contractors are choosing to work at night. While working at night poses its own special hazards, adequate job site lighting can minimize the risks.

    Multiquip has a complete line of job site lighting, including lights, masts and portable power supplies.

    For example, this month we are offering a Multiquip GB113BC lighting system for $4,700 with free shipping to qualified locations. For more information on this and other light sources see:

    One construction project just down the road from our office on Interstate 75 was featured in Equipment Today Magazine. The paving project between Chattanooga and Cleveland was done mostly at night to avoid the heat and to reduce traffic interruptions. They faced many challenges, including adequate lighting, but in the end their project exceeded specifications and now we have a much smoother ride to and from Chattanooga.

    Whatever your construction needs are this summer, Industrial Products and Equipment Inc is ready to help you. From concrete pouring and finishing equipment to hardwood flooring to high quality windows, contact us for all your supply needs.

    The Induprod team can handle it all, whether you are constructing a single-family dwelling, gymnasium, or a school keep us in mind for all of your construction needs.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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