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Office Trailers and Modular Buildings

Modular office complex

Office Trailers and Modular Buildings


Three Great Reasons to Consider Prefabricated Modular Buildings

By James Morgan

Why should you consider prefabricated modular buildings? Here are three good reasons: money, time, and variety. Prefabricated modular buildings generally cost less than buildings made through traditional stick construction.

Prefabricated modular buildings can be ready for occupancy in a much shorter time than stick-build buildings. And with the growing number of builders converting to the construction of prefabricated modular buildings.

The speed with which prefabricated modular buildings can be erected accounts in part for their lower cost. Virtually all prefabricated modular buildings are constructed for the most part in a factory where skilled and unskilled assembly line workers using highly sophisticated equipment can produce more with a high degree of efficiency and accuracy than an individual builder could hope to do.

Prefabricated modular buildings are made year round in climate controlled factories. Stick-built buildings - especially those constructed in parts of the country with severe winters - are built on schedules subject to being adjusted for weather conditions. Construction flat out stops in many parts of the country where it gets too cold to build and spring rains can cause further delays.

To be fair weather can affect prefabricated modular buildings too specifically in terms of foundation work and also its possible weather could delay the delivery of the prefabricated modular buildings to the site. But the actual construction of the prefabricated building is unaffected by weather.

Factory assembly lines can lower the per unit cost to the consumer by producing each unit faster, using unskilled labor, and purchase large amounts of materials at quantity discounts. The finished product is also of higher quality. One drawback of mass production is uniformity. The factor turns out high quality low cost prefabricated buildings but the way factories are set up to mass produce, all the units they produce will be identical and if you don't like the style being produced then you'll have to pay more to have a custom designed prefabricated modular building constructed especially to suit your needs and tastes.

Another advantage of prefabricated modular buildings is saving on the hidden cost of vandalism. The local contractor may find this a serious problem at a building site but an enclosed factory provides much better security. The building contractor no doubt passes on the cost of vandalism to the end consumer.

According to the executive vice president of the National Association of Building Manufacturers one of the biggest contributing factors to the growth of the prefabricated modular building industry is the diminishing supply of trained and skilled craftsmen in the construction trade. As time has passed, older craftsmen have retired and the younger generation has chosen less physically demanding careers. The number of apprentice programs has declined too. All these factors contribute to an increase in the prefabricated modular building industry.

James Morgan is an authority on portable buildings and modular construction having been in the industry, watched it's evolution, and written extensively on related topics. For the latest information on portable buildings, modular homes, modular classrooms, pole buildings, etc. visit

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Modular Office trailer complex

The variety of configurations available with modular buildings and trailers is limited only by your imagination. From the simple office trailer for a construction site to a 12 unit complex like the one shown above, we can supply the trailers and modular units you require to meet your space requirements. Click on either of the drawings above for a larger view or click here for yet another sample.

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