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Telecommunication Towers

Industrial Products and Equipment Inc is pleased to  provide export pricing and expert recommendations on Nello towers.  Nello is an "approved manufacturer" for most telecommunication companies. This means their towers have already passed the approval process that most telecommunication companies have before they allow their equipment to be mounted on a tower.

Having an "approved" tower saves you time and money on your project by not having to process the tower plans through the telecom supplier's engineering approval system.  And that means more money in your pocket at the end of the job.

Telecom tower erection has become one of the most hazardous of construction projects even surpassing logging as the most dangerous occupation. Therefore, OSHA has begun to focus on several key areas of tower construction in an effort to reduce the injury rate.

The first area of focus is hard hats and other PPE.  Expect an OSHA inspector to give your PPE and procedures an extra close look when he shows up on your tower erection job site.

Naturally all rigging should be in absolute top quality condition.  Any damage caused by overloads, chafing or vandalism is cause for immediate replacement.  Contact IP&E for your new rigging needs.  Additionally, all employees on the tower must be properly trained and carry their rigging card with them except when climbing.

Likewise, all crane and hoist operators must be properly trained and have their cards with them.  Hoists must be inspected monthly with written records of the inspections. A legible load or capacity chart must be located on each lifting device. Again, IP&E can help you with all your crane and hoist supply needs including replacement parts and seals.

So to make sure your next tower erection project goes smoothly, safely and profitably, contact Industrial Products and Equipment Inc to spec your tower and to provide all your tower erection equipment.


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